About Us

What is Friends of Everton Park?

Friends of Everton Park is a community group that focuses on the preservation, enhancement, and promotion of Everton Park, a public park located in Liverpool, England. Our group was formed in 2008 by a group of local residents who wanted to improve our park and make it a more vibrant and enjoyable space for the community.

Friends of Everton Park group works to organize events and activities in the park, as well as to promote the park to the wider community. We also work to maintain and improve the park's facilities, such as its playgrounds, gardens, and sports facilities.

The group is run by a committee of volunteers who work closely with the local council and other organizations to achieve their goals. New members are always welcome and we encourage anyone who is interested in helping to improve Everton Park to get involved.

The Friends of Everton Park is part of the family of Parks Friends Groups in Liverpool, which actively contribute to the improvement, management and upkeep of their local parks. Anyone is welcome to join the Friends, we have a sign up sheet on the "Get involved" page. 

We are an open organisation dedicated to making the park a great place for people to enjoy. There are many opportunities to take part, from planning and organising events to history and heritage projects, to growing and greening activities and loads more.

Friends of Everton Park is a registered charity.